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A comprehensive listing of rock bands, venues & events. Sections include original music, band resources, news streams, web links and multiple rock blogs.

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The Revolution Has Begun

Rockin Mississippi began less than 2 months ago with the simple idea of building a database of All Thing ROCK in Mississippi. We started researching and listing bands, venues, events, radio stations, music stores, recording name it. We then set up several blogs and started writing articles on everything from "Choosing a Band Name" to "How to Decorate Your Home Rock n Roll Style." Next, we added a section to showcase original music by Mississippi artists.

We knew this site was going to be something unique and quite special, but we didn't know how much it would inspire our Mississippi bands and Rock fans. Over the years there have been diminishing opportunities for Rock bands. We find a lot of discouragement among these bands, and have been told about scores of good bands that simply gave up. We can't have that! The world is sinking deeper and deeper into the pit. Are rockers gonna follow suite? No way, rockers don't follow...they lead! If existing opportunities are few, then we'll create some new ones. If venues want to switch to other genres, then we'll quit supporting them and give all of our support to those that do support Rock.

It's time for action...Wake up Mississippi! This is the very birthplace of Rock n Roll. Aren't you tired of hearing people tell us that Rock is dead? Rock is not dead. Rock will never die because the need will not go away. What made Rock great is needed now more than ever: Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, speaking the truth and rebellion against the system (any system of injustice). Rock taught us you don't have to can be can be yourself. What has happened to us?

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THE OFFICIAL ROCKIN MISSISSIPPI LAUNCH CONCERT IS THIS SATURDAY. Watch the web commercial on youtube and mark your calendar to come out and hear four of Mississippi's hottest bands officially kickoff Rockin Mississippi.

Epic Event Coming Soon!

THE OFFICIAL ROCKIN MISSISSIPPI LAUNCH CONCERT. The date has been moved so we can accommodate all four of the bands we wanted to host. The new date is Saturday, December 8th at Thunder's Tavern in Pascagoula.

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